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Is the AI industry booming?

I think looking at it from a serious angle, the daily quote of

"How are you struggling to find work?!, The AI industry is booming."

Let's look at the term industry. It can mean many things, so I am struggling to understand what people mean when they say this. But looking at the U.K. only (as we seem to have cut ourselves off from the world recently) and you look at how "industry" works here, it can be, in the majority of instances, very centric around London, this is not a bad thing, it's just the U.K. is quite big, I don't understand why it can't be in other places. So that's the first factor. I only look at jobs in London for AI because there are no AI jobs everywhere in the U.K. (except for the games industry). The industry in this respect is booming, but only in one place.

Another daily issue I face is the management of hatred. People hate AI this year. It seems to be a trend, although it's gone down over the last few months (not received any weird messages or comments now in two months 🤞, meaning I can probably start talking about having autism again now and not having a job because people hate on people in these dynamics also so you have to manage how much time these sorts of things waste, I am not even talking generally its also recruiters and during literal job interviews) maybe AI industry would be booming if it took a less hateful approach, in essence, how can something be booming when it seems like so many people are against it?

My third point is tackiness, you have the term Generative AI, but a lot of it is centric, biased and rich in misinformation, usually only focused on ChatGPT and Midjourney. Are these two products alone really adding any value to life and business? That question alone creates a rabbit hole, e.g. ChatGPT gives wrong information.

The AI industry is booming when a news source spins it that way, but the above are just 3 of my thoughts and experiences/opinions. When you look at it sceptically, is it booming? I have yet to go into the financial and political dynamics here, which are rich in similar dynamics.

Overall, the AI industry is booming from your perspective or from just the place you live in. For me, it is not booming. It is a daily struggle, so I am trying my best to move beyond something that works more strongly against me this year than for me.

Is the AI industry booming?
Jamie Cropley