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AI Less But More

I talk about AI less these days. I still do AI-related stuff, just not making it core to my 'personal brand' I find it is holding me back immensely when even applying to the most basic jobs. I looked into other areas, but I mean with AI I am always skeptical anyway. One thing I noticed is a lot of businesses are implementing AI stuff, mainly ChatGPT with no real strategy or goal in mind, they are just adding it to the business literally.

What I have noticed this year especially when applying to AI related jobs, that honestly there is no point anymore in applying to AI related jobs. As the majority of businesses seem to focus on implementation of a website rather than actually implementing and form of strategy or even basic goals around it I can't for the life of me pass these interviews, all they want to know is my prompts in ChatGPT, to me its more important you know how these work, how you can expand on them and adapt.

Anyway, I am not alone, I have spoke to a few others with an AI background who have simply switched career areas etc... moved onto other things and such with the industry just becoming a waste of time, and even when you do find something a lot of people expect immensely free work out of you.

I can see this eventually leading to an AI Winter up to around 2026'ish. The Hype is already dying around AI, but I think this is only the start, I think the AI industry (is it really an industry though? 😂) is going to suffer from lack of contributions and innovation/invention in this space. It will just halt with nothing new for probably 40 to 100 years from that date.

I think people who now class themselves as AI experts (for context, a marketing background does not = AI expert) are definitely one of the worse contributors to its downfall, they utilise scare-mongering tactics and unethical bullying approaches to drain as much money as they can from people selling useless information to people. Then you have stuff like AI hiring systems dumbing down jobs in AI ironically, there's so much really.

I don't think technology in itself will stop developing though, to me a toilet is technology, I mean even Bill Gates focuses on simple stuff like that now. I think by 2026 you will see a toilet develop more than AI 😂

Anyway for now I switched my main focus to mathematics, I am hoping even if the above does not happen it somehow enhances my already existing skills in AI, but for now there are zero opportunities, jobs etc... in the AI space so I give up looking.

AI Less But More
Jamie Cropley